Sometimes fresh eyes (and bags of experience)

is just what's needed ...

Our Tourism & Hospitality Consultancy Skills

With a lifetime learning all aspects of the tourism and hospitality industry we’re both experienced and extremely well-qualified to assess your businesses performance, identify its needs and help you grow your business and your team in the necessary areas.

We are here to provide time. The time to view your business through fresh eyes. The time to stop and consider the direction your business is heading or to find a way out of the day to day. We are all focused upon making our businesses successful but there is a benefit in stepping back and looking anew at them, in order to see opportunities and issues within them. We will provide a view of your business that you may not have seen or simply don’t have the time to deal with.  Where we can we will provide ideas and solutions, where we don’t have an answer we pride ourselves in being able to connect you to someone who can help. Our role is to provide solutions and ideas.


We can help you understand your customer, ensuring their experience of your business is a lasting positive memory.

We constantly look for trends which can help inform your decisions moving forward.  It’s about spotting the trend rather than the fashion. 

Customer service is key, if you do not know what your customers want, how can you cater for them? Let us see your unique selling points from the eyes of a guest and promote them fully.


Throughout the year we want people to visit Cumbria, leave fulfilled and desperate to promote all areas of the county.

You can be proud of our World Heritage Status and you can boast we are one of the few areas to have been awarded the accolade twice: Ravenglass for its Roman Heritage and the Lake District National Park for its cultural landscape.

We can take the time to research your area and uncover things to promote within your business to attract more visitors and guests.

We want to give the guest the best possible experience therefore spreading the word to their family and friends. After all word of mouth is the best form of advertising!

Encouraging visitors to those hidden gems throughout Cumbria as we have so much diversity and things to offer.


Sustainability is close to both of our hearts as we live and work in a beautiful area which we need to conserve, therefore provenance of food and drink is important

We can help with best practise within sustainability, looking at renewable sources within your business

We can help you consider controlling and introducing systems around waste management and help point you in the right direction.

We have a wealth of practical experience with implementing sustainable goals more recently focused upon carbon (greenhouse gas) reductions.

Our planet like our business is precious so lets us work together toward the best solutions for you without costing the earth!

Lots of little changes

can make the biggest difference.

Food & Drink

Menu content, design and gross profit margins are areas that can be honed to ensure a more profitable business. 

We are happy to source products and services to enhance menus or focus the menu content to your target audience or a potential new audience to ensure your business is relevant in a changing marketplace.

Having been involved with the opening of over 30 establishments we understand the need for the systems to be in place that provide reassurance and the building blocks of a successful operation.  This is from the guest journey, through to bar/restaurant set ups or writing and setting standard operating procedures.

After all food and drink is not only our career, hobby and life, it’s our passion!

We're passionate about food, its provenance, its quality

and how to make it work for your business.

Revenue Management

Having studied Revenue Management via Cornell University, USA, we have used the principles within hotel rooms, spa and restaurant sales to maximise revenue within Langdale Resort Hotel and increase occupancy.  We have over a decade of experience with room distribution, channel management and online travel agents (OTAs). Supply and demand are the key to any revenue management strategy. We can help with best practices in managing your room stock, table bookings, spa appointments and event space.

We will assist you looking at all aspects of your business and how you can get the best out of what you have to offer without losing sight of your customer needs.

We can help you make informed decision to make your business sustainable.


Don’t you like to do something different?

We love inspiring and organising events, the quirkier the better.  Our experience covers a range of events that we have run for charities and commercial operators

At the annual Broughton Festival of Beer we ran a Pop Up Pub in the Browfoot Rooms called ‘The Travellers Alms’ to raise money for the Almshouse charity in Ulpha. We transformed the village hall into a pub for 3 consecutive years where we offered beer, food and music. Very popular with the locals as the usual pubs in Broughton was too busy!

Tipi conference buyers event near Wainwrights Tarn, complete with open fire cooking and DIY cocktails with a mixologist in shorts and flipflops

Woburn Oyster Festival, large village event selling over 20,000 oyster across the weekend. Woburn is the furthest point for the sea! Paul Stewart even brought his F1 car down into the village as part of the event

Woolmer Green – Pond Water Day, raising money to restore the village pond by selling a beer called ‘Pond Water’.

And on a serious note, Tourism for All event in association with Lakes Mobility, Cumbria Tourism and the Parks Authority to raise awareness of all disabilities, visible & invisible and how we can all do the right thing to help. Wheels for All event from Langdale to Skelwith Bridge ahead of the Fred Whitton Endurance Cycling Event the following day.

The beauty of events is the freedom to be imaginative and quirky. It is something we are passionate about.

There may be a place for an imaginative solution for your guest and/or visitors.  The beauty of independent businesses is your ability to stand out with only your imagination being your limitation. Let us encourage your creative style.

What’s the first step?

It’s good to talk, preferably face to face, via Zoom or over the phone. The initial conversation, which may take a morning, allows you to ensure we can deliver some value to your business and that we are comfortable working together.  We’ll do that without any cost to you.  If both parties are happy to work together then we can discuss a way forward.  We will agree an outline scope of your requirements from us and we will provide costs accordingly. 

We may not have all the answers. It may be that we aren’t the right fit for your business or we can’t provide a solution, however, we have a wide range of associates with specialised skills who may be able to help.  We would always be happy to make a recommendation for any specific skills we cannot provide or collaborate with a team to provide a wider solution for moving your business forward.

We look forward to hearing from you and hopefully help.

Get in touch.

We’d love to hear from you, even if you’re not 100% sure how we can help your business … we’re always happy to meet new people in the industry.

Give us a call, we’d love to have a chat – 07824 346 781